restricted access   Volume 20, Number 2, 2011

Table of Contents

Symposium: John McCormick’s Machiavellian Democracy

Machiavellian Democracy: An Engine for Reform

pp. 141-156

Republicanism: Democratic or Popular?

pp. 157-169

Do We Need the Vote?: Reflections on John McCormick's Machiavellian Democracy

pp. 170-183

Learning How Not to Be Good: A Plebeian Perspective

pp. 184-202

Machiavellian Democratic Innovations: McCormick's People's Tribunate

pp. 203-215

The Ferocity of Hope: Accountability and the People's Tribunate in Machiavellian Democracy

pp. 216-225

Incentivize the Powerful or Empower the Poor?: Thoughts on John McCormick's Machiavellian Democracy

pp. 226-239

"Machiavellian Democracy," Differentiated Citizenship, and Civic Unity

pp. 240-248

Symposium: Empirical Approaches to Universal Principles

Universals, Knowledge Claims, and Methods

pp. 249-280

Impartial Attractiveness as a Moral Test

pp. 281-302

Young People, Relativism, and Natural Law

pp. 303-318

Round-Robin Commentary

pp. 319-337