restricted access   Volume 156, Number 5, Winter 2012

Table of Contents

The Demise of the Caboose . . . and the Need for Word Consciousness

pp. 435-437

Feature Articles

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students’ Problem-Solving Strategies With Signed Arithmetic Story Problems

pp. 438-458

Family Counseling in the Netherlands for Turkish-Origin Parents of Deaf Children With a Cochlear Implant

pp. 459-468

Reread-Adapt and Answer-Comprehend Intervention With Deaf and Hard of Hearing Readers: Effect on Fluency and Reading Achievement

pp. 469-475

Chinese Deaf and Hard of Hearing Adolescents’ Awareness of Thematic and Taxonomic Relations Among Ordinary Concepts Represented by Pictures and Written Words

pp. 476-491

Addressing Intersections in HIV/AIDS and Mental Health: The Role of Organizations for d/Deaf and Hard of Hearing Individuals in South Africa

pp. 492-500

Invited Essay

Promoting Vocabulary Learning in Young Children Who Are d/Deaf and Hard of Hearing: Translating Research Into Practice

pp. 501-508


Annual Index 2011–2012

pp. 509-513