restricted access   Number 13, January 2012

Table of Contents

Special Essay

Is the "Beijing Consensus" Now Dominant?

pp. 1-16


Korean Political Engagement and U.S.-Korea Relations


p. 18

Ethnicity and U.S. Foreign Policy: Korean Americans

pp. 19-37

Koreans in America: A Demographic and Political Portrait of Pattern and Paradox

pp. 39-60

Korean Civil Society and Trust-Building between South Korea and the United States

pp. 61-80


Democratization and Indonesian Foreign Policy: Implications for the United States

pp. 83-111

Taiwan-Japan Relations in an Era of Uncertainty

pp. 113-132

Incompatible Partners: The Role of Identity and Self-Image in the Sino-U.S. Relationship

pp. 133-165

Book Review Roundtable

Jonathan D. Pollack No Exit: North Korea, Nuclear Weapons and International Security

Kims, Kims, and Nothing But the Kims

pp. 168-170

Huis Clos: The Limits of Understanding North Korean Decisionmaking

pp. 171-174

No More Illusions of Denuclearization

pp. 175-177

Build It, and They Will Recompense: North Korea's Nuclear Strategy

pp. 178-181

Author's Response

The Kim Dynasty and North Korea's Nuclear Future: Will History Still Rhyme?

pp. 182-190