restricted access   Volume 1, Number 3, Winter 2011

Table of Contents

Editors' Note

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Narrative Symposium: Nursing Assistants Working in Long-Term Care Facilities


Introduction: Learning From Those Working Most Intimately with the Residents in Long-term Care

pp. 133-134

Personal Narratives

Lessons From my Life's Work

pp. 135-137

Changing Public Perceptions of Direct Care Professionals

pp. 137-139

Importance of Respect in Patient Care

pp. 139-141

The Joy and Aggravation of Being a Career Nursing Assistant

pp. 141-143

Looking Back and Moving Forward

pp. 143-145

Learning Through Serving

pp. 145-147

Training and Other Important Needs for Nursing Assistants

pp. 147-151

Cry of the Caregiver

pp. 151-153

Handle With Care

pp. 153-154

Retention, Reliability, and Dedication

pp. 154-155

An Open Letter to Certified Nursing Assistants: Lessons from a Life Well Lived

pp. 155-157


Bedside Voices

pp. 159-164

Pride in Giving Care and Other Life Lessons from Certified Nursing Assistants

pp. 165-169

Qualitative Research Article

Dilemmas of Conscience in the Practice of Medicine: A Phenomenological Study

pp. 171-188

Case Study

Advance Directives, Preemptive Suicide and Emergency Medicine Decision Making

pp. 189-197