restricted access   Volume 38, Number 1, 2003

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From: Latin American Research Review

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Editor's Foreword

pp. 3-7

Notes on the Contributors

pp. 288-289


"State Feminism" and Women's Movements: The Impact of Chile's Servicio Nacional de la Mujer on Women's Activism

pp. 9-40

Latin American Class Structures: Their Composition and Change during the Neoliberal Era

pp. 41-82

Effects on Employment, Wages, and Labor Standards of Non-Traditional Export Crops in Northeast Brazil

pp. 83-112

A History of the New Philology and the New Philology in History

pp. 113-134

La apoteosis del Leviathan: El estado en Buenos Aires durante la primera mitad del XIX

pp. 135-168

Research Reports and Notes

Taking Stock and Building Bridges: Feminism, Women's Movements, and Pentecostalism in Latin America

pp. 169-186

Abstention in Argentine Presidential Elections, 1983-99

pp. 187-201

Economic Reform and Repeasantization in Post-1990 Cuba

pp. 202-218

Review Essays

Recent Latin American Economic History and its Historiography

pp. 219-237

Recovering from State Terror: The Morning After in Latin America

pp. 238-247

The "Indian Question" in Latin America: Class, State, and Ethnic Identity Construction

pp. 248-266

Add Gender and Stir?: Cooking up Gendered Histories of Modern Latin America

pp. 267-287