restricted access   Number 92, Winter 2011

Table of Contents

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Introduction: Beyond the Special Guest—Teaching “Trans” Now

pp. 5-9

Identity Matters: Teaching Transgender in the Women’s Studies Classroom

pp. 10-20

Looking For Jiro and Gentleman’s Gaman

pp. 20-25


pp. 26-34

So Unbelievably Real: Stone Butch Blues and the Fictional Special Guest

pp. 35-42

Hotdogs and Festooned with Sausages, Hung like a Garland

pp. 43-46

Not Another Special Guest: Transgender Inclusivity in a Human Sexuality Course

pp. 47-54

Erasing the Marker

pp. 55-56

Some Very Basic Tips for Making Higher Education More Accessible to Trans Students and Rethinking How We Talk about Gendered Bodies

pp. 57-62

Book Reviews

Queer (In) Justice: The Criminalization of LGBT People in the United States (review)

pp. 63-64

Brain Storm: The Flaws in the Science of Sex Differences (review)

pp. 64-66

Teaching Notes

Teaching Notes: Taking Our Bodies Back: Empowering Students to Take the Classroom Back

pp. 67-68

Teaching with Writing About Media

pp. 68-69

Using Mathematics to Attain Critical Consciousness

pp. 70-71

Homophobia in the Classroom: One Teacher’s Response*

pp. 71-73

News for Educational Workers

News for Educational Workers

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Contributors’ Notes

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