restricted access   Volume 23, Number 2, Winter 1997

Table of Contents


Skirting the Issues: Addressing and Dressing in Victorian Women's Travel Narratives

pp. 147-167

A Lady's Life in the Rocky Mountains

p. 167

The "Shivering Sands" of Reality: Narration and Knowledge in Wilkie Collins' The Moonstone

pp. 168-183

Taking on Tennyson: Sarah Grand's The Heavenly Twins and The Ethics of Androgynous Reading

pp. 184-211

Oscar Wilde: Sexuality and Creativity in the Social Organism

pp. 212-226

Representing the Victorians: Issues in Research and Pedagogy


pp. 227-231

H.G. Wells and the End of the Body

pp. 232-243

"Gooble-Gabble, One of Us": Grotesque Rhetoric and the Victorian Freak Show

pp. 244-250

The Cultural Work of Diaries in Mid-Century Victorian Britain

pp. 251-267

Review Article

The Art of the Philistines

pp. 268-277


Nerves & Narratives: A Cultural History of Hysteria in Nineteenth-Century British Prose by Peter Melville Logan (review)

pp. 278-282

Dear Reader: The Conscripted Audience in Nineteenth-Century British Fiction by Garrett Stewart (review)

pp. 282-285

Imperial Leather: Race, Gender and Sexuality in the Colonial Contest by Anne McClintock (review)

pp. 285-288

George Eliot A Life by Rosemary Ashton (review)

pp. 289-291

Re-framing the Pre-Raphaelites: Historical and Theoretical Essays edited by Ellen Harding (review)

pp. 292-293

The Victorians and Ancient Rome by Norman Vance (review)

pp. 294-296

Gallery Stroll

pp. 297-298

On Stage

pp. 299-301


pp. 302-304


p. 304

Books Received

pp. 305-306

Index to Volume 23

pp. 307-308