restricted access   Volume 35, Number 1, Fall 2011

Table of Contents

Re-assessing, Breaking, Transcending Genres

Editor’s Introduction: Re-assessing, Breaking, Transcending Genres

p. vi

The Writer’s Diary as Device: The Making of Susan Sontag in Reborn: Early Diaries 1947–1963

pp. 1-20

The Woman Writer in Mid-Twentieth Century Middlebrow Fiction: Conceptualizing Creativity

pp. 21-36

Killing the Crime Novel: Martin Amis’s Night Train, Genre and Literary Fiction

pp. 37-59

A Melodiousness at Odds with Pessimism: Ian McEwan’s Saturday

pp. 60-78

Mary Butts and the “Secret Map” of Interwar Paris: Exile on Queer Street

pp. 79-98

Rethinking Organic Metaphors in Poetry and Ecology: Rhizomes and Detritus Words in Oni Buchanan’s “Mandrake Vehicles”

pp. 99-121

In the American Grid: Modern Poetry and the Suburbs

pp. 122-142

Bob Brown, “Inforg”: The “Readies” at the Limits of Modernist Cosmopolitanism

pp. 143-164

Between the Mythic and the Monstrous: The Early Skyscraper’s Weird Frontiers

pp. 165-188

The Modernist Speed-up

pp. 189-192

Desecularizing Modernism: A Review of Pericles Lewis’s Religious Experience and the Modernist Novel

pp. 193-195

Tracing Modernism’s Theological Pre-history: Ian Cooper’s The Near and Distant God

pp. 196-200

Fiction for the Non-Believer: A Review of Arthur Bradley and Andrew Tate’s The New Atheist Novel

pp. 201-208


Notes on Contributors

pp. 209-211