restricted access   Volume 17, Number 2, Winter 1991

Table of Contents


The Amendment of the Sale of Arsenic Bill

pp. 1-10

The Big Bow Mystery: Jewish Identity and the English Detective Novel

pp. 11-20

"Still Lives": Gender and the Literature of the Victorian Vivisection Controversy

pp. 21-34

"History and Real Life": Anna Jameson, Shakspeare's Heroines and Victorian Women

pp. 35-49


pp. 50-52

Review Article

Seduction in Psychoanalysis and Psychiatric History

pp. 53-66


Erotic Faith: Being in Love from Jane Austen to D. H. Lawrence by Robert M. Polhemus (review)

pp. 67-70

The Victorian Country Child by Pamela Horn, and: The Victorian and Edwardian Schoolchild by Pamela Horn, and: Victorian Countrywomen by Pamela Horn, and: Victorian Gardens by Brent Elliot (review)

pp. 70-76

The Cambridge Guide to the Arts in Britain. Volume 6: Romantics to Early Victorians; Volume 7: The Later Victorian Age edited by Boris Ford (review)

pp. 76-78

The Presence of the Present: Topics of the Day in the Victorian Novel by Richard D. Altick (review)

pp. 78-82

Lady Hester Stanhope: Queen of the Desert by Virginia Childs, and: Across New Worlds: Nineteenth-Century Women Travellers and Their Writings by Shirley Foster, and: Transatlantic Manners: Social Patterns in Nineteenth-Century Anglo-American Travel Literature by Christopher Mulvey (review)

pp. 83-86

Imperialism and the Natural World edited by John M. MacKenzie, and: Macropolitics of Nineteenth-Century Literature: Nationalism, Exoticism, Imperialism edited by Jonathan Arac (review)

pp. 86-90

To Prove I'm Not Forgot: Living and Dying in a Victorian City by Sylvia M. Barnard (review)

pp. 90-92

H. G. Wells edited by Brian Murray, and: H. G. Wells Under Revision: Proceedings of the International H. G. Wells Symposium, London, July 1986 edited by Patrick Parrinder (review)

pp. 92-96

The Scientific Lady: A Social History of Women's Scientific Interests, 1520-1918 by Patricia Phillips, and: The Eternally Wounded Woman: Women, Doctors and Exercise in the Late Nineteenth Century by Patricia A. Vertinsky (review)

pp. 96-100

Private Theatricals: The Lives of the Victorians by Nina Auerbach (review)

pp. 100-103

Gallery Stroll

pp. 104-106


pp. 107-108


pp. 108-109

Books Received

pp. 110-111