restricted access   Volume 63, Number 4, December 2011

Table of Contents

Editor's Note

Remembering Clyde Woods

pp. vii-ix


The Speculative Freedom of Colonial Liberia

pp. 863-893

Desiring the Big Bad Blade: Racing the Sheikh in Desert Romances

pp. 895-928

Thunder in the East: China, Exiled Crusaders, and the Unevenness of Black Internationalism

pp. 929-953

The "Case of a Bearded Woman": Hypertrichosis and the Construction of Gender in the Age of Darwin

pp. 955-981

"They lived their life and they didn't bother anybody": African American Female Impersonators and Pittsburgh's Hill District, 1920-1960

pp. 983-1011

Event Review

Race, Rape, and White Victimhood: David Mamet's "Race"

pp. 1013-1023

Book Reviews

Telling America's Story to the World

pp. 1025-1037

Embedded in the Street: Studying Up, Studying Down

pp. 1039-1049

The Rise of the Confident Reader

pp. 1051-1062

A Red Record, Revisited

pp. 1063-1074

The Color of the West

pp. 1075-1086


pp. 1087-1089

Index to American Quarterly Volume 63 March 2011 to December 2011

pp. 1091-1094