restricted access   Volume 46, Number 3, 2011

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From: Latin American Research Review

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Terra Nostra and the Rewriting of the Modern Subject: Archetypes, Myth, and Selfhood

pp. 3-20

The Political Consequences of Center-Led Redistribution in Brazilian Federalism: The Fall of Subnational Party Machines

pp. 21-45

A variação da volatilidade eleitoral no Brasil: Um teste das explicações políticas, econômicas e sociais

pp. 46-68

Descentralización y focalización del gasto social en los municipios brasileños

pp. 69-92

Negotiating Health and Identity: Lay Healing, Medicinal Plants, and Indigenous Healthscapes in Highland Peru

pp. 93-111

Who Takes a Seat at the Pro-Poor Table?: Civil Society Participation in the Honduran Poverty Reduction Strategy

pp. 112-132

Labor Turnover among Maquiladora Workers of Highland Guatemala: Resistance and Semiproletarianization in Global Capitalism

pp. 133-156

Posthumous Transnationalism: Postmortem Repatriation from the United States to Mexico

pp. 157-179

Review Essays

Indoctrination, Conversion, and Belief in the Colonial Iberian World

pp. 181-190

Paramilitary Forces in Colombia

pp. 191-200

Race and Nation in Twentieth- and Twenty-First-Century Brazil

pp. 201-206

Writing “Maya Country” in Mexico and Guatemala

pp. 207-215

Paradoxes of Democracy and Citizenship in Brazil

pp. 216-227

Notes on the Contributors

pp. 233-235