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Editors' Note

Editors’ Note

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Narrative Symposium: Conflicting Interests in Medicine: Stories by Physicians on How Financing Affects Their Work

Introduction: Conflicting Interest in Medicine: Stories by Physicians on How Financing Affects Their Work

pp. 65-66

Full Collection of Personal Narratives

Conflicting Interests in Medicine

pp. 67-90

Individual Personal Narratives

Recognizing and Managing Our Conflict of Interest

pp. 67-68

To Recruit or Not to Recruit for a Clinical Trial

pp. 68-70

An Unexpected Lesson

pp. 70-72

Am I on call for the entire Midwest?

pp. 72-74

Why is Medicare Wasting Away?

pp. 74-76

The Downside of the Informed Consent Juggernaut

pp. 76-78

Expert Testimony at the Food and Drug Administration: Who Wants the Truth?

pp. 78-82

Crossroads: The Intersection of Personal, Professional Society, and Industry Relationships

pp. 82-86

A Change of Heart

pp. 86-88

The Evolution of Conflicts of Interest in a New Subspecialty: A Case Study of the Development of Interventional Cardiology

pp. 88-90


Re-examining Empirical Data on Conflicts of Interest Through the Lens of Personal Narratives

pp. 91-99

Conflicts—and Consensus—about Conflicts of Interest in Medicine

pp. 101-105

Research Article

“A Feeling that You’re Helping”: Proxy Decision Making for Alzheimer’s Research

pp. 107-122

Case Study

When Ethics Consultation and Courts Collide: A Case of Compelled Treatment of a Mature Minor

pp. 123-131