restricted access   Volume 60, Number 2, Fall 2011

Table of Contents

Information Literacy Beyond the Academy, Part I: Towards Policy Formulation

John Crawford, Issue Editor


pp. 257-261

Information Literacy Advocacy—Woody's Ten Commandments

pp. 262-276

Trapped between a Rock and a Hard Place: What Counts as Information Literacy in the Workplace and How Is It Conceptualized?

pp. 277-296

How Information Literacy Becomes Policy: An Analysis Using the Multiple Streams Framework

pp. 297-311

Empowerment or Instrumental Progressivism?: Analyzing Information Literacy Policies

pp. 312-337

The Concept of Information Literacy in Policy-Making Texts: An Imperialistic Project?

pp. 338-360

Is Information Literacy a Public Concern?: A Practice in Search of a Policy

pp. 361-382

Reconnecting Information Literacy Policy with the Core Values of Librarianship

pp. 383-394

A Framework for Analyzing and Comparing Information Literacy Policies in European Countries

pp. 395-418

National Information Literacy Framework (Scotland): Pioneering Work to Influence Policy Making or Tinkering at the Edges?

pp. 419-438

Think Global, Act Local: Expanding the Agenda for Media Literacy Education in the United States

pp. 440-453