restricted access   Volume 29, Number 2, Fall 2010

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From the Editor

pp. 255-262


At the Margins of Menippean Dialogue: Sarah Fielding’s “History of Anna Boleyn” and the Muted Female Figures of Lucian’s Satiric Underworld

pp. 263-289

The Difference She Makes: Staging Gender Identity in Graffigny’s Phaza

pp. 291-309

“There is no sin in our love”: Homoerotic Desire in the Stories of Two Muslim Women Writers

pp. 311-329

Speaking (in) the Silences: Gender and Anti-Narrative in Carole Maso’s Defiance

pp. 331-349

Uneasy Lie the Bones: Alice Sebold’s Postfeminist Gothic

pp. 351-373

“Painting While Rome Burns”: Ethics and Aesthetics in Pat Barker’s Life Class and Zadie Smith’s On Beauty

pp. 375-393

“Female Poet” as Revolutionary Grotesque: Feminist Transgression in the Poetry of Ch’oe Sŭng-ja, Kim Hyesoon, and Yi Yŏn-ju

pp. 395-415


A Deleted Manuscript, an Early Story, and a New Approach to the Fiction of Lee Smith

pp. 417-424


Feminism in the Age of Digital Archives: The Women Writers Project

pp. 425-435

Translating The Second Sex

pp. 437-445

Review Essay

Did a Woman Write “The Great American Novel”?: Judging Women’s Fiction in the Nineteenth Century and Today

pp. 447-457


Gilbert and Gubar’s “The Madwoman in the Attic” After Thirty Years (review)

pp. 459-462

Bluebeard Gothic: “Jane Eyre” and Its Progeny (review)

pp. 462-464

Revolutionary Subjects in the English “Jacobin” Novel, 1790–1805 (review)

pp. 464-466

Fictions of Dissent: Reclaiming Authority in Transatlantic Women’s Writing of the Late Nineteenth Century (review)

pp. 466-468

Thinking Through the Mothers: Reimagining Women’s Biographies (review)

pp. 468-470

Looking Back: Canadian Women’s Prairie Memoirs and Intersections of Culture, History, and Identity (review)

pp. 470-472

Women Reviewing Women in Nineteenth-Century Britain: The Critical Reception of Jane Austen, Charlotte Brontë and George Eliot (review)

pp. 472-474

The Selected Letters of Charlotte Perkins Gilman (review)

pp. 474-477

Style, Gender, and Fantasy in Nineteenth-Century American Women’s Writing (review)

pp. 477-478

Edith Wharton and the Making of Fashion, and: Virginia Woolf, Fashion and Literary Modernity (review)

pp. 479-482

Virginia Woolf and the Russian Point of View (review)

pp. 482-484

Fascism and Anti-Fascism in Twentieth-Century British Fiction (review)

pp. 484-487

Post-War British Women Novelists and the Canon (review)

pp. 487-490

Food and Femininity in Twentieth-Century British Women’s Fiction (review)

pp. 490-492

The Creative Crone: Aging and the Poetry of May Sarton and Adrienne Rich (review)

pp. 492-494

Eroticism, Spirituality, and Resistance in Black Women’s Writing (review)

pp. 494-495

Traumatic Possessions: The Body and Memory in African American Women’s Writing and Performance (review)

pp. 496-498

Dark Eyes on America: The Novels of Joyce Carol Oates (review)

pp. 498-500

Transnational Latina Narratives in the Twenty-First Century: The Politics of Gender, Race, and Migrations (review)

pp. 500-502

Rumer Godden: International and Intermodern Storyteller (review)

pp. 502-504

Books Received

Books Received

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