restricted access   Volume 45, Number 4, 1991

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1991 RMMLA-Mellen Press Award

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RMMLA-Huntington Award

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From the Editor

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Earning the Right to Ask Questions: Teaching Housman's Last Poems

pp. 205-216

Stylization and Parody on Dostoevskian Themes

pp. 217-230

The Hunger for Shape, and: Deer Tracks on Snow

pp. 231-233

Toast, and: An Element of Style

pp. 234-235

Book Reviews

Embarking for New Shores: Intellectual Developments in (Former) East Germany Since November 9, 1989

pp. 237-247

Mörike's Muses: Critical Essays on Eduard Mörike ed. by Jeffrey Adams (review)

pp. 248-250

Reading and Writing Women's Lives: A Study of the Novel of Manners ed. by Bege K. Bowers and Barbara Brothers (review)

pp. 250-252

The Fear of Hell: Images of Damnation and Salvation in Early Modern Europe by Piero Camporesi (review)

pp. 252-253

Criteria of Certainty: Truth and Judgment in the English Enlightenment by Kevin L. Cope (review)

pp. 254-255

Learning to Curse: Essays in Early Modern Culture by Stephen J. Greenblatt (review)

pp. 255-257

The Weird Tale by S. T. Joshi (review)

pp. 257-259

The Canon and the Common Reader by Carey Kaplan and Ellen Cronan Rose (review)

pp. 260-261

Henry James's Italian Hours: Revelatory and Resistant Impressions by Bonney MacDonald (review)

pp. 261-263

The Arts, Literature, and Society ed. by Arthur Marwick (review)

pp. 263-265

Poetry as Epitaph: Representation and Poetic Language by Karen Mills-Courts (review)

pp. 265-266

Literature and the Ethical Question ed. by Claire Nouvet (review)

pp. 267-268

The Last Troubadours: Poetic Drama in Italian Opera 1597-1887 by Deirdre O'Grady (review)

pp. 268-269

The Films of G. W. Pabst: An Extraterritorial Cinema ed. by Eric Rentschler (review)

pp. 270-271

Designs of Darkness in Contemporary American Fiction by Arthur M. Saltzman (review)

pp. 272-274

Irish Women Writers: An Uncharted Tradition by Ann Owens Weekes (review)

pp. 273-275

White Mythologies: Writing History and the West by Robert Young (review)

pp. 275-276