restricted access   Volume 39, Number 4, 1985

Table of Contents

The State of Things from the Editor's View

pp. 235-237


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p. 239


Halifax and the Art of Power

pp. 241-250

Camus's Failed Savior: Le Malentendu

pp. 251-256

Thirty Below

p. 257

apuesto por la vida, and: hazme un sitio a tu lado, and: epigrama, and: una antigua sangre

pp. 258-260

The Power of Small Things in Philip K. Dick's The Man in the High Castle

pp. 261-275

Book Reviews

Lyricality in English Literature by Daniel Albright (review)

pp. 277-278

German Feminism: Readings in Politics and Literature ed. by Edith Hoshino Altbach, Jeanette Clausen, Dagmar Schultz, and Naomi Stephan (review)

pp. 278-279

Pageantry in the Shakespearean Theater by David M. Bergeron (review)

pp. 279-280

Mikhail Bakhtin by Katerina Clark and Michael Holquist (review)

pp. 281-282

Afro-American Literature in the Twentieth Century: The Achievement of Intimacy by Michael G. Cooke (review)

pp. 282-284

Literature and the Pastoral by Andrew V. Etin (review)

pp. 284-285

The Sin of the Book: Edmond Jabès by Eric Gould (review)

pp. 285-286

Shakespeare: The Tragedies: New Perspectives ed. by Robert B. Heilman (review)

pp. 287-288

Deconstructive Criticism: An Advanced Introduction by Vincent B. Leitch (review)

pp. 289-290

The Role of Place in Literature by Leonard Lutwack (review)

pp. 290-291

Middlemarch by Kerry McSweeney (review)

pp. 292-293

Robert Louis Stevenson and THE BEACH OF FALESÁ: A Study in Victorian Publishing with the Original Text by Barry Menikoff (review)

pp. 293-294

Semiotics of Drama and Theatre; New Perspectives in the Theory of Drama and Theatre ed. by Herta Schmid and Aloysius van Kesteren (review)

pp. 295-296

D. H. Lawrence: The Artist as Psychologist by Daniel J. Schneider (review)

pp. 296-297

Saints, Sinners and Comedians: The Novels of Graham Greene by Roger Sharrock (review)

pp. 297-298

Women Writers and the City: Essays in Feminist Literary Criticism by Susan Merrill Squier (review)

pp. 298-300

Wittgenstein and Derrida by Henry Staten (review)

pp. 300-301

Fifteenth-Century Studies ed. by Robert F. Yeager (review)

pp. 301-302