pp. vii-viii


A Lexical Entry for an Explanatory-Combinatorial Dictionary of English (hope II.1)

pp. 1-54

Investigating an Onomasiological Approach to Dictionary Material

pp. 55-64

Lexicography and the Spoken Word

pp. 65-73

Grimm, Littré, OED, and Richardson: A Comparison of Their Historicity: Cātuṣkośyam

pp. 74-93

Finding the Right Words: An Account of Research for the Supplements to the Oxford English Dictionary

pp. 94-111

Two Desiderata for Lexicography: Allolingual and Allotopolectal Collaborators and the Philological Review (with Examples from Canadian, Bahamian, and South African English)

pp. 112-145

Further Documentation for the OED

pp. 146-159

Craigie, Mathews, and Watson: New Light on the Dictionary of American English

pp. 160-163

Ghost Adjectives in Dictionaries

pp. 164-168

Webster's Ninth and Historical Lexicography

pp. 169-174

Materials for the History of the Oxford English Dictionary

Materials for the History of the Oxford English Dictionary

pp. 176-178

Proposal for the Publication of a New English Dictionary by The Philological Society

pp. 179-215

An Appeal to the English-Speaking and English-Reading Public to Read Books and Make Extracts for The Philological Society's New English Dictionary

pp. 216-231

An Appeal to American Readers

pp. 232-235

The Banquet Celebrating the Completion of The Oxford English Dictionary: June 6, 1928

pp. 236-245

Our Mother Tongue: Mr. Baldwin on the Oxford Dictionary

pp. 246-250


Mitford McLeod Mathews: 1891-1985

pp. 251-256


A Bibliography of Scandinavian Dictionaries (review)

pp. 258-262

Lexicography: An Emerging International Profession (review)

pp. 262-267

Toward an Understanding of Language: Charles Carpenter Fries in Perspective (review)

pp. 268-271

Dictionnaire du français québécois. Description et histoire des regionalismes en usage au Québec depuis l'époque de la Nouvelle-France jusqu'à nos jours incluant un aperçu de leur extension dans les provinces canadiennes limitrophes (review)

pp. 272-279

Two New Frisian Dictionaries

pp. 279-286

Dictionary of Finance and Investment Terms (review)

pp. 287-293

The Bantam New College Spanish & English Dictionary (review)

pp. 293-316

The New Zealand Pocket Oxford Dictionary (review)

pp. 317-326


Errata for Dictionaries No. 7

p. 327


Notes on Contributors

pp. 328-331