restricted access   Volume 12, Number 3, Fall 2011

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From the Editor

p. 213

Using native plants to provide natural ecosystem functions in a conservation fish hatchery

pp. 217-225

The Pop Test: a quick aid to estimate seed quality

pp. 227-232

Refereed Research

Soil seedbanks and long-term seed survival in the endangered Florida beach clustervine (Jacquemontia reclinata House [Convolvulaceae])

pp. 233-240

Refereed Research

Effects of seed source and pre-planting treatment on emergence of Juniperus scopulorum Sarg. in a Great Plains nursery

pp. 241-248

Germplasm Release

Notice of release of Majestic Germplasm and Spectrum Germplasm western prairie clover: selected class of natural germplasm

pp. 249-256

Germplasm Release

Notice of release of Prairie Harvest Germplasm common hackberry: selected class of natural germplasm

pp. 257-261

Refereed Research

Effect of fungicide on Wyoming big sagebrush seed germination

pp. 263-367

Papers Presented at the Fifth Native Plant Conference

Monitoring roadside revegetation projects

pp. 269-275

Unknown and unprotected: the imperiled genetic resource of native plant populations on roadsides and private lands

pp. 276-284

Connecting growers and sharing knowledge: building a nursery network in California's central coast region

pp. 285-288

Conservation and reintroduction of the endangered Willamette daisy: effects of population size on seed viability and the influence of local adaptation

pp. 289-298