restricted access   Volume 55, Number 1, 2001

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From: Rocky Mountain Review of Language and Literature

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From the Editors

p. 11


(Anti-)Semitism 1890s/1990s: Octave Mirbeau and E.M. Cioran

pp. 13-28

Oedipus as Reader in Georges Rodenbach's La Vocation

pp. 29-41

Brave New Girls: Female Archetypes, Border Crashing, and Utopia in Kate Braverman's Palm Latitudes

pp. 43-61

The Uses of the Fantastic and the Deferment of Closure in American Literature on the Vietnam War

pp. 63-82


On the Crisis of Self-Definition in English Studies

pp. 83-92


Life in Tudor Times (review)

pp. 93-94

Approaches to Teaching Shorter Elizabethan Poetry ed. by Patrick Cheney and Anne Lake Prescott (review)

pp. 95-96

Shakespeare on Love and Lust by Maurice Charney (review)

pp. 96-98

Misogynous Economies: The Business of Literature in Eighteenth-Century Britain by Laura Mandell (review)

pp. 98-101

Romanticism at the End of History by Jerome Christensen (review)

pp. 101-103

Hortense Allart: The Woman and the Novelist by Helynne Hollstein Hansen (review)

pp. 103-105

The Letters of George Henry Lewes, Vol. III, with New George Eliot Letters ed. by William Baker (review)

pp. 105-107

Charles Dickens: A Tale of Two Cities (review)

pp. 107-110

A Historical Guide To Ralph Waldo Emerson ed. by Joel Myerson (review)

pp. 110-113

Sentimental Collaborations: Mourning and Middle-Class Identity in Nineteenth-Century America by Mary Louise Kete (review)

pp. 113-116

Publisher to the Decadents: Leonard Smithers in the Careers of Beardsley, Wilde, Dowson by James G. Nelson (review)

pp. 116-117

Staking Her Claim: The Life of Belinda Mulrooney, Klondike and Alaska Entrepreneur by Melanie J. Mayer and Robert N. DeArmand (review)

pp. 118-120

Willa Cather and the Politics of Criticism by Joan Acocella (review)

pp. 120-123

Birthing a Nation: Gender, Creativity, and the West in American Literature by Susan J. Rosowski (review)

pp. 123-125

West of the Border: The Multicultural Literature of the Western American Frontiers by Noreen Groover Lape (review)

pp. 125-128

Coyote Kills John Wayne: Postmodernism and Contemporary Fictions of the Transcultural Frontier by Carlton Smith (review)

pp. 128-129

American Fiction, American Myth by Philip Young (review)

pp. 130-131

Creatures of Darkness: Raymond Chandler, Detective Fiction, and Film Noir by Gene D. Phillips (review)

pp. 131-134

Dispatches from the Ebony Tower: Intellectuals Confront the African American Experience ed. by Manning Marable (review)

pp. 134-136

Disidentifications: Queers of Color and the Performance of Politics by José Esteban Muñoz (review)

pp. 136-137

Wanderlust: A History of Walking by Rebecca Solnit (review)

pp. 138-140

Critical Condition: Feminism at the Turn of the Century by Susan Gubar (review)

pp. 140-142


p. 144