restricted access   Volume 49, Number 2, 1995

Table of Contents

Notes from the Executive Director

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Destruction of the Spirit: War in Voloshin's "Drugu" and Pushkin's "Arion"

pp. 119-137

La pâte verte

pp. 138-139

The Green Paste

p. 139

A Labyrinth of Human Knowledge: Umberto Eco's Foucault's Pendulum

pp. 141-152

Errol Morris' Construction of Innocence in The Thin Blue Line

pp. 153-167

In A Room

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Book Reviews

Samuel Johnson

pp. 169-174

An Other Tongue: Nation and Ethnicity in the Linguistic Borderlands by Alfred Arteaga (review)

pp. 175-177

French Odysseys: Greece in French Travel Literature from the Renaissance to the Romantic Era by Olga Augustinos (review)

pp. 177-179

Into the Wilderness Dream: Exploration Narratives of the American West, 1500-1805 ed. by Donald A. Barclay, James H. Maguire, and Peter Wild (review)

pp. 179-180

The Environmental Imagination: Thoreau, Nature Writing, and the Formation of American Culture by Lawrence Buell, and: Literature, Nature, and Other: Ecofeminist Critiques by Patrick D. Murphy (review)

pp. 180-182

Writing Theory and Critical Theory ed. by John Clifford and John Schilb (review)

pp. 182-184

Spanish Poetry of the Twentieth Century: Modernity and Beyond by Andrew P. Debicki (review)

pp. 185-186

It's Not Like That Here: Teaching Academic Writing and Reading to Novice Writers by Marcia Dickson (review)

pp. 186-188/

Properties of Writing: Ideological Discourse in Modern Italian Fiction by Robert S. Dombroski (review)

pp. 188-191

The Intellectual Contexts of Kafka's Fictions: Philosophy, Law, Religion by Arnold Heidsieck (review)

pp. 191-193

The Impatient Muse: Germany and the Sturm und Drang by Alan C. Leidner (review)

pp. 193-194

Twentieth-Century Spanish American Fiction by Naomi Lindstrom (review)

pp. 194-195

Creative Women in Medieval and Early Modern Italy: A Religious and Artistic Renaissance ed. by E. Ann Matter and John Coakley (review)

pp. 196-197

Forests of Symbols: World, Text, and Self in Malcolm Lowry's Fiction by Patrick A. McCarthy (review)

pp. 197-199

Franz Werfel and the Critics by Jennifer E. Michaels (review)

pp. 199-200

Epic and Epoch: Essays on the Interpretation and History of a Genre ed. by Steven M. Oberhelman, Van Kelly, and Richard Golsan (review)

pp. 201-203

Romantic Ideology Unmasked: The Mentally Constructed Tyrannies in Dramas of William Wordsworth, Lord Byron, Percy Shelley, and Joanna Baillie by Marjean D. Purinton (review)

pp. 203-205

The Guises of Modesty: Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach's Female Artists by Ferrel V. Rose (review)

pp. 206-207

Literacy and Computers: The Complications of Teaching and Learning with Technology ed. by Cynthia L. Selfe and Susan Hilligoss (review)

pp. 208-209

Heterotopia: Postmodern Utopia and the Body Politic ed. by Tobin Siebers (review)

pp. 209-211

Quilt Culture: Tracing the Pattern ed. by Cheryl B. Torsney and Judy Elsley (review)

pp. 211-213

Feminism and the Honor Plays of Lope de Vega by Yvonne Yarbro-Bejarano (review)

pp. 214-215

Open Visions: Transforming the Multicultural Curriculum

pp. 216-224