restricted access   Volume 33, Number 2, Spring 1979

Table of Contents

Revolving Editorial Board

p. i

Conferences in the Rocky Mountain Region

pp. iv-v


p. vi

Publications Received

pp. vii-x

The Many Voices of Vladimir Voinovich

pp. 55-62

Red Fox Tail

pp. 63-64

Music and Dance in L'Après-Midi D'un Faune

pp. 65-71

Book Reviews

Images of Women in Fiction: Feminist Perspectives Ed. by Susan Koppelman Cornillon (review)

p. 73

Inside Guzman de Alfarache by Carroll B. Johnson (review)

p. 74

I Rapporti tra Unamuno E Pirandello Nella Critica Letteraria Contemporanea by Annamaria Kelly (review)

p. 75

From Hopalong to Hud: Thoughts on Western Fiction by C. L. Sonnichsen (review)

p. 76

Ah, Wilderness! The Frontier in American Literature. by William Humphrey (review)

p. 77

George Sand by Francine Mallet (review)

p. 78

Chaucer Criticism ed. by Richard and Jerome Taylor (review)

p. 79

Bilingual Schooling in the United States, Revised Edition by Theodore Andersson and Mildred Boyer, and: Resource Guide to Bilingual Education: A Selective Bibliography of Recent Publications by Theodore Andersson (review)

pp. 80-81

Pynchon: Creative Paranoia in Gravity's Rainbow by Mark Richard Siegel (review)

p. 82

Three Dimensional Poe by Haldeen Braddy (review)

p. 83

SF: The Other Side of Realism ed. by Thomas Clareson (review)

p. 84

Sir Walter Scott's "Edinburgh Annual Register" by Kenneth Curry (review)

p. 85

The Slender Human Word: Emerson's Artistry in Prose by William J. Scheick (review)

p. 86

Literary Expressionism in Argentina by Naomi Lindstrom (review)

p. 87

American Essay Serials from Franklin to Irving by Bruce Granger (review)

p. 88

Folksongs and Their Makers by Henry Glassie, Edward D. Ives and John F. Szwed (review)

p. 89

The Popularity of the Middle English Romance by Velma Bourgeois Richmond (review)

p. 90

La Lengua Española: Gramática y estructura, Rev. Ed., with Accompanying Workbook by Matilde O. Castells and Harold E. Lionetti (review)

p. 91

Outlaw Aesthetics by Fred E. H. Schroeder (review)

p. 92

Dramatist in America: Letters of Maxwell Anderson, 1912-1958 ed. by Laurence G. Avery (review)

p. 93

Heroes of Popular Culture ed. by Ray B. Browne, Marshall Fishwick, and Michael T. Marsden (review)

p. 94

Introduction to Linguistic Concepts by Bruce L. Pearson (review)

p. 95

Studies in Biography ed. by Daniel Aaron (review)

p. 96

Español Escrito: Curso Para Hispanohablantes Bilingues by Guadalupe Valdes-Fallis and Richard V. Teschner (review)

p. 97

The Rainbow Grocery by William Dickey (review)

p. 98