restricted access   Volume 34, Number 1, Winter 1980

Table of Contents

Publications Received

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pp. 1-2

The New Mythology of Wallace Stevens

pp. 7-18

Jean Genet's White Goddess: The Search for Woman in Our Lady of the Flowers

pp. 19-30

I will Stay There for You

p. 32

Fishing for the Words of Life: Norman MacLean's "A River Runs Through It"

pp. 33-45

Isaac D'Israeli, William Godwin, and the Eighteenth-Century Controversy Over Innate and Acquired Genius

pp. 47-64

Book Reviews

Studies in Southwest Spanish ed. by J. Donald Bowen and Jacob Ornstein (review)

p. 65

The Languages of Italy by Giacomo Devoto (review)

p. 66

Rituel et Poesie: Une Lecture de Saint-John Perse by Marie-Laure Ryan (review)

p. 67

Language Play: An Introduction to Linguistics by Don L. F. Nilsen and Alleen Pace Nilsen (review)

p. 68

The Mayor of Casterbridge by Thomas Hardy (review)

p. 69

Six-Gun Mystique by John Cawelti (review)

p. 70

The Rhumb Line of Symbolism (review)

p. 71

The Metamorphosis of Lope de Vega's King Pedro by Frances Exum (review)

p. 72

Die Romantische Ironie in Theorie und Gestaltung by Ingrid Strohschneider-Kohrs (review)

p. 73

La Faiblesse Chez Gautier de Coinci by Brigitte Cazelles (review)

p. 74

The Joy of Learning by Aaron Stern (review)

p. 75

Mario Vargas Llosa: Desarticulador de Realidades by Wolfgang A. Luchting (review)

p. 76

Writing Through Reading by John M. Hardaway and Francine Hardaway (review)

p. 77

Tonlose Lieder by Robert L. Kahn (review)

p. 78

Good Reading: A Guide for Serious Readers, 21st Edition by J. Sherwood Weber (review)

p. 79

The Fiction of Frank Norris: The Aesthetic Context by Don Graham (review)

p. 80