restricted access   Volume 33, Number 4, Fall 1979

Table of Contents

New Journals

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Publications Received

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The Cinematic Imagination in Thomas Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow

pp. 165-179

Summit Lake

p. 181

Aerial Delivery: Bombing The Cascades

p. 182

The Complete and Incomplete Educations of the Mill on the Floss

pp. 183-201

Walking to a Halt in Cicudad Juarez Near the International Bridge

p. 202

Learning to Sleep: For Theo, 3 months old

p. 203

Baudelaire's Une Mort Heroique: A New Interpretation

pp. 205-211

Book Reviews

The Prometheus Syndrome, and: Dream and Image by Bettina L. Knapp (review)

pp. 213-214

The Passion Artist by John Hawkes (review)

p. 215

Solzhenitsyn: Creator and Heroic Deed by Leonid D. Rzhevsky (review)

p. 216

Classic American Graffiti by Allen Walker Read (review)

p. 217

Literature and Censorship in Latin America: Dream Within a Dream, Occasional Papers José Agustín ed. by John Kirk and Don Schmidt (review)

p. 218

Gods and Heroes of the Greeks: The Library of Apollodorus trans. by Michael Simpson (review)

p. 219

Cultural and Linguistic Factors in Word Formation. An Integrated Approach to the Development of the Suffix -Age by Suzanne Fleishman (review)

p. 220

The Sense of the 70s: A Rhetorical Reader ed. by Paul J. Dolan and Edward Quinn (review)

p. 221

Mirror and Veil: The Historical Dimension of Spenser's Faerie Queene by Michael O'Connell (review)

p. 222

The Dime Novel Western by Daryl Jones (review)

p. 223

Structural Fabulation; An Essay on Fiction of the Future by Robert Scholes (review)

p. 224

The Popular Culture Reader ed. by Jack Nachbar, Deborah Weiser, and Jack L. Wright (review)

p. 225

On Calderon by James E. Maraniss (review)

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