restricted access   Volume 23, Number 2, 2011

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Articles / Articles

The Gendered Dimensions of Sexting: Assessing the Applicability of Canada’s Child Pornography Provision

pp. 405-441

“It was all slightly unreal”: What’s Wrong with Tolerance and Accommodation in the Adjudication of Religious Freedom?

pp. 442-463

Law and Learning “from the Field”: The Pedagogical Relevance of Collaborative Teacher-Student Empirical Legal Research

pp. 464-487

A Human Right to Group Self-Identification?: Reflections on Nixon v. Vancouver Rape Relief

pp. 488-518

A Tale of Two Cultures: Intimate Femicide, Cultural Defences, and the Law of Provocation

pp. 519-547

L’engagement de ne pas troubler l’ordre public dans les causes de violence conjugale ayant fait l’objet d’un abandon des poursuites judiciaires criminelles (art. 810 C.CR.)

pp. 548-578

The Practices of Lesbian Mothers and Quebec’s Reforms

pp. 579-599

When Bare Breasts Are a “Threat”: The Production of Bodies/Spaces in Law

pp. 600-626

Do Women Refugee Judges Really Make a Difference?: An Empirical Analysis of Gender and Outcomes in Canadian Refugee Determinations

pp. 627-660

Pensions, Privatization, and Poverty: The Gendered Impact

pp. 661-685


Beyond Country of Origin: Smith v. Canada and Refugees from Unexpected Places

pp. 686-696

Book Reviews/Chroniques bibliographiques

Intersectionality and Beyond: Law, Power and the Politics of Location (review)

pp. 697-704

Women’s Human Rights: Seeking Gender Justice in a Globalizing Age (review)

pp. 705-709

About the Contributors / Quelques mots sur nos collaboratrices

About the Contributors/Quelques mots sur nos collaboratrices

pp. 710-712