restricted access   Volume 4, Number 1, Winter 2003 (New Series)

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From: Kritika: Explorations in Russian and Eurasian History

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From the Editors: "1930s Studies"

pp. 1-4

To the Editors

p. 272

Contributors to This Issue

pp. 275-276


How a Founding Document Was Found, or One Hundred Years of Lenin's What is to Be Done?

pp. 5-49

Population Movements and Population Politics from World War I to World War II

Population Displacement, State-Building, and Social Identity in the Lands of the Former Russian Empire, 1917-23

pp. 51-100

The Aesthetic of Stalinist Planning and the World of the Special Villages

pp. 101-128

Civil Wars in the Soviet Union

pp. 129-162


New Terrains and New Chronologies: The Interwar Period through the Lens of Population Politics

pp. 163-175

Review Essays

Russian-Polish Relations Revisited, or The ABC's of "Treason" under Tsarist Rule

pp. 177-199

Has Post-Modernism Come to Russia? Comments on the Anthology "American Russian Studies"

pp. 201-225


Vo glave pervenstvuiushchego uchenogo sosloviia Rossii: Ocherki zhizni i deiatelnosti prezidentov Imperatorskoi Sankt-Peterburgskoi Akademii nauk, 1725-1917 gg., and: "Edinym vdokhnoveniem": Ocherki istorii universitetskogo obrazovaniia v Peterburge v kontse XVIII-pervoi polovine XIX v., and: Moskovskii universitet v obshchestvennoi i kulturnoi zhizni Rossii nachala XIX veka (review)

pp. 227-231

From Nationalism to Universalism: Vladimir (Zeev) Jabotinski and the Ukrainian Question (review)

pp. 232-238

Studenchestvo Rossii kontsa XIX-nachala XX veka: Sotsialno-istoricheskaia sudba, and: Heralds of Revolution: Russian Students and the Mythologies of Radicalism (review)

pp. 239-253

Obraz Lenina v massovom vospriatii sovetskikh liudei po arkhivnym materialam (review)

pp. 254-259

Massovye besporiadki v SSSR pri Khrushcheve i Brezhneve (1953-nachalo 1980-kh gg.), and: Bloody Saturday in the Soviet Union: Novocherkassk, 1962 (review)

pp. 260-271