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Contributors / Collaborateurs

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Genèse et mutation de la Loi sur les décrets de convention collective au Québec (1934–2010)

pp. 9-34

Structuring Reality So That the Law Will Follow: British Columbia Teachers’ Quest for Collective Bargaining Rights

pp. 35-77

Social Unionism in Hard Times: Union-Community Coalition Politics in the CAW Windsor’s Manufacturing Matters Campaign

pp. 79-115

Research Note / Note de Recherche

Les représentations des travailleurs migrants: L’exemple des Chinois à Québec dans la presse quotidienne (1891–1926)

pp. 117-137

Review Essays / Notes Critiques

Creating a Broader Context for Research on Coal Miners

pp. 139-150

Let America Be America Then: Imagining a More United Front in the Early Civil Rights Era

pp. 151-172

Reviews / Comptes Rendus

Backwoods Consumers and Homespun Capitalists: The Rise of Market Culture in Eastern Canada (review)

pp. 173-176

The West and Beyond: New Perspectives on an Imagined Region (review)

pp. 176-178

Re-Imagining Ukrainian Canadians: History, Politics, and Identity (review)

pp. 178-180

I Have a Story to Tell You (review)

pp. 180-182

Winnipeg’s Great War: A City Comes of Age (review)

pp. 182-184

The Business of Women: Marriage, Family, and Entrepreneurship in British Columbia, 1901–51 (review)

pp. 184-186

The Nurture of Nature: Childhood, Antimodernism, and Ontario Summer Camps, 1920–55 (review)

pp. 186-188

Transforming Labour: Women and Work in Postwar Canada (review)

pp. 188-190

City of Love and Revolution: Vancouver in the Sixties (review)

pp. 190-192

In the Province of History: The Making of the Public Past in 20th-Century Nova Scotia (review)

pp. 192-195

Trail of Story, Traveler’s Path: Reflections on Ethnoecology and Landscape (review)

pp. 195-197

Losing Control: Canada’s Social Conservatives in the Age of Rights (review)

pp. 197-200

Technology and Nationalism (review)

pp. 200-203

The Axe and the Oath: Ordinary Life in the Middle Ages (review)

pp. 204-205

Seated by the Sea: The Maritime History of Portland, Maine, and Its Irish Longshoremen (review)

pp. 206-208

Mine Towns: Buildings for Workers in Michigan’s Copper Country (review)

pp. 208-210

Representation and Rebellion: The Rockefeller Plan at the Colorado Fuel and Iron Company, 1914–1942 (review)

pp. 210-212

Hobos, Hustlers and Backsliders: Homeless in San Francisco (review)

pp. 212-213

Bob Dylan in America (review)

pp. 214-217

Freedom’s Orator: Mario Savio and the Radical Legacy of the 1960s (review)

pp. 217-219

Embedded With Organized Labor: Journalistic Reflections on the Class War at Home (review)

pp. 219-221

Che’s Travels: The Making of a Revolutionary in 1950s Latin America (review)

pp. 221-223

Zapatistas: Rebellion from the Grassroots (review)

pp. 223-225

Stronger Together: The Story of seiu (review)

pp. 225-227

The Revival of Labor Liberalism (review)

pp. 227-230

Working for Justice: The L.A. Model of Organizing and Advocacy (review)

pp. 230-232

Power in Coalition: Strategies for Strong Unions and Social Change (review)

pp. 232-234

Migrants for Export: How the Philippine State Brokers Labor to the World (review)

pp. 234-236

Global Cities at Work: New Migrant Divisions of Labour (review)

pp. 236-238

The ABCs of Economic Crisis: What Working People Need to Know (review)

pp. 238-240

Privatizing Pensions: The Transnational Campaign for Social Security Reform (review)

pp. 240-242

Sex Slaves and Discourse Masters: The Construction of Trafficking (review)

pp. 242-245

Clean Clothes: A Global Movement to End Sweatshops (review)

pp. 245-247

Morbid Symptoms: Health Under Capitalism (review)

pp. 247-249

The Economics Anti-Textbook: A Critical Thinker’s Guide to Micro-Economics (review)

pp. 249-252

Minutes / Procès Verbal

Minutes / Procès-Verbal: Annual MeetingCanadian Committee on Labour History St. Thomas University, Fredericton, 1 June 2011

pp. 253-257