restricted access   Volume 12, Number 4, December 2011

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pp. 715-716

Dissertation Summaries

The Science of Difference: Developing Tools for Discrimination in the American Life Insurance Industry, 1830-1930

pp. 717-731

The Post-Heroic Generation: American Independent Inventors, 1900-1950

pp. 732-748

Body Banks: A History of Milk Banks, Blood Banks, and Sperm Banks in the United States

pp. 749-760


How Choice Fueled Panic: Philadelphians, Consumption, and the Panic of 1837

pp. 761-789

The Carbon-Consuming Home: Residential Markets and Energy Transitions

pp. 790-823

Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Control: The Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, 1933-1951

pp. 824-862

The Strategy of Structure: Architectural and Managerial Style at Alcoa and Owens-Corning

pp. 863-902


Dressing Modern Frenchwomen: Marketing Haute Couture, 1919-1939 (review)

pp. 903-905

Children in Slavery through the Ages (review)

pp. 905-907

The Great Financial Crisis: Causes and Consequences (review)

pp. 907-910

Heroes of Invention: Technology, Liberalism and British Identity 1750-1914 (review)

pp. 910-912

The British Working-Class in the Twentieth Century: Film, Literature and Television (review)

pp. 912-914

The International Tin Cartel (review)

pp. 914-916

Banco Central de Chile, 1925-1964: Una Historia Institucional (review)

pp. 917-919

Mexican Migration and the U.S. Economic Crisis. A Transnational Perspective (review)

pp. 919-921

Colonial Meltdown: Northern Nigeria in the Great Depression (review)

pp. 921-923

The Computer Boys Take Over: Computers, Programmers, and the Politics of Technical Expertise (review)

pp. 924-926

Alabama in Africa: Booker T. Washington, the German Empire, and the Globalization of the New South (review)

pp. 926-929

32 in '44: Building the Portsmouth Submarine Fleet in World War II (review)

pp. 929-931