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Editors Note

Editor’s Note

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Defying De-Stalinization: Albania’s 1956

pp. 4-56

Myth and Misrepresentation in Australian Foreign Policy: Menzies and Engagement with Asia

pp. 57-78

Recognition in Return for Détente?: Brezhnev, the EEC, and the Moscow Treaty with West Germany, 1970–1973

pp. 79-100

Revisionism Triumphant: Hanoi’s Diplomatic Strategy in the Nixon Era

pp. 101-137

Efficacy and Evidence: Evaluating U.S. Goals at the American National Exhibition in Moscow, 1959

pp. 138-171

The 1952 Stalin Note on German Unification: The Ongoing Debate

pp. 172-212

Book Reviews

The Dragon’s Tail: Americans Face the Atomic Age (review)

pp. 213-215

Flawed Patriot: The Rise and Fall of CIA Legend Bill Harvey (review)

pp. 215-217

American Ascendance and British Retreat in the Persian Gulf Region (review)

pp. 217-218

Canada in NORAD 1957–2007: A History (review)

pp. 219-221

Epic Rivalry: The Inside Story of the Soviet and American Space Race (review)

pp. 221-222

Dark Side of the Moon: Wernher von Braun, the Third Reich, and the Space Race (review)

pp. 223-24

Reagan at Westminster: Foreshadowing the End of the Cold War (review)

pp. 224-226

A Dictionary of 20th-Century Communism (review)

pp. 226-229

Gulag Voices: An Anthology (review)

pp. 229-230

Yeltsin: A Life (review)

pp. 230-233

Upstaging the Cold War: American Dissent and Cultural Diplomacy, 1940–1960 (review)

pp. 233-235

Satchmo Blows Up the World: Jazz Ambassadors Play the Cold War (review)

pp. 235-237

Peace Movements in Western Europe, Japan and the USA during the Cold War (review)

pp. 237-239

Vatican Secret Diplomacy: Joseph P. Hurley and Pope Pius XII (review)

pp. 239-242

Christian Democracy and the Origins of European Union (review)

pp. 242-244

Spoils of Partition: Bengal and India 1947–1967 (review)

pp. 244-246

Making China Policy: From Nixon to G. W. Bush, and: Secrecy in U.S. Foreign Policy: Nixon, Kissinger and the Rapprochement with China (review)

pp. 246-248

Distorted Mirrors: Americans and Their Relations with Russia and China in the Twentieth Century (review)

pp. 249-250

Lee Teng-hui and Taiwan’s Quest for Identity, and: Taiwan’s Statesman: Lee Teng-hui and Democracy in Asia (review)

pp. 250-252

Der Warschauer Pakt: Von der Gründung bis zum Zusammenbruch 1955 bis 1991 (review)

pp. 253-255

Coping with the Nazi Past: West German Debates on Nazism and Generational Conflict, 1955–1975 (review)

pp. 255-257

Mitterrand, the End of the Cold War, and German Unification (review)

pp. 257-258

Seduced by Secrets: Inside the Stasi’s Spy-Tech World (review)

pp. 259-260

Zwischen den Blöcken: NATO, Warschauer Pakt und Österreich, and: Grenzfälle: Österreichische und tschechische Erfahrungen am Eisernen Vorhang (review)

pp. 261-265

Slovakia on the Road to Independence: An American Diplomat’s Eyewitness Account (review)

pp. 266-267

The United States and the Making of Modern Greece: History and Power, 1950–1974 (review)

pp. 267-269

Meeting the Demands of Reason: The Life and Thought of Andrei Sakharov (review)

pp. 269-271

The Cold War’s Odd Couple: The Unintended Partnership between the Republic of China and the UK, 1950–1958 (review)

pp. 272-273

Berlinguer e la fine del comunismo (review)

pp. 274-278

Sex, Thugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll: Teenage Rebels in Cold-War East Germany (review)

pp. 279-280

Cold War Saga (review)

pp. 281-282