restricted access   Issue 106, 2011

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Fifty Years - Transition celebrates its storied history

Celebrating Transition at Fifty

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“A Literature Which Can Stand by Itself”: Rajat Neogy, circa 1962, on the mission of Transition

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[Rajat Neogy Remembered]

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More than a Magazine: memories of Transition and Rajat Neogy

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[Rajat Neogy Remembered]

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Transition, Nos. 1–32: a 1967 review of the first issues

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[Rajat Neogy Remembered]

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From Africa to the “Global Black”: Wole Soyinka discusses his tenure at Transition with Tommie Shelby

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The Meaning of Modernism in Two Transitions: what a homonym can teach us

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[Rajat Neogy Remembered]

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Spaces in Between: Henry Finder on Transition’s global ambulation

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[Rajat Neogy Remembered]

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Cannibal Logic: an interview with Michael C. Vazquez by Carina del Valle Schorske

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[Rajat Neogy Remembered]

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Arrival: reflections of an interloper

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From Epaule d’ombre

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Pieces of a Man: the meaning of Gil Scott-Heron

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The Revolutionary Sociology of C. L. R. James: an interview with Manning Marable conducted by Onwubiko Agozino Columbia University, New York, April 13, 2007

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Foreign Countries

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Arab Spring and the Future of Leadership in North Africa: an interview with Ali A. Mazrui conducted by Nirvana Tanoukhi July, 2011

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Now Dig This!: Art and Black Los Angeles, 1960–1980: a review of the current exhibition at the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles

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Notes on Contributors

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Reflections from Contemporary Uganda - A selection of writing, artwork, and photography

Reflections from contemporary Uganda: Foreword by Elizabeth Palchik Allen

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Yea, Let Us Also Praise Famous Men! Transition at half century (1961–2011)

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Settling the Buganda Question: a peek into the future

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Weeping Lands, Somewhere in a Field, Ugandan Privilege

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Sandak Shoes: an excerpt from the unpublished novel The Saint of Desperate Cases

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Straight Talk on the Gay Question in Uganda

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Season of Dissent

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Nkuba Kyeyo: stories from America

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But Why, Father?: looking back on the legacy of the African Writers Series, fifty years on

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The Message

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Notes on Contributors

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