restricted access   Volume 27, Number 1, January 2003

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From: The Lion and the Unicorn

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Editor's Introduction

pp. v-vi

Politicizing the Nursery: British Children's Literature and the French Revolution

pp. 1-26

Magical Growth and Moral Lessons; or, How the Conduct Book Informed Victorian and Edwardian Children's Fantasy

pp. 27-56

For Whom the Shoe Fits: Cinderella in the Hands of Victorian Writers and Illustrators

pp. 57-82

The Monastic Life and the Warrior's Quest: The Middle Ages from the Viewpoint of Animals in Brian Jacques's Redwall Novels

pp. 83-97

Species Trouble: The Abjection of Adolescence in E. B. White's Stuart Little

pp. 98-119

Everygirl's Good Deeds: The Heroics of Nancy Drew

pp. 120-130

Tony and the Wonderful Door : A Forgotten Classic of American Children's Fantasy

pp. 131-143

Book Reviews

The Rescue of the Innocents: Endangered Children in Medieval Miracles, and: Medieval Children (review)

pp. 144-147

Reading Contemporary Picturebooks: Picturing Text (review)

pp. 147-152

The Fantasy Literature of England (review)

pp. 152-156

Reading Race: Aboriginality in Australian Children's Literature (review)

pp. 156-161

The Collected Works of Langston Hughes. Vol. 12: Works for Children and Young Adults: Biographies (review)

pp. 161-166