restricted access   Volume 22, Number 4, November 2011, Supplement

Table of Contents


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Bringing New Minds and New Methods to Bridging Health Disparity and Equity

pp. 3-4

Hero in Pharmaceutical Sciences—An Outstanding Researcher, Accessible to Humanity: Dr. Karam F. A. Soliman

pp. 5-7

Report from the Field

Partnering to Harmonize IRBs for Community-Engaged Research to Reduce Health Disparities

pp. 8-15

Brief Communication

HIV-Associated Anal Dysplasia: Experience from a Multiethnic-HIV Clinic in Hawaii

pp. 16-22

Literature Review

Vitamin D and Cardiovascular Disease: Potential Role in Health Disparities

pp. 23-38

Original Papers

Epidemiology of Influenza A 2009 H1N1 Virus Pandemic in the U.S.

pp. 39-60

Relationships between Obesity and Cardiovascular Diseases in Four Southern States and Colorado

pp. 61-72

CCR5 Promoter Haplotype Transcription Complex Characterization

pp. 73-90

Immune Response Due to Silica Exposure in Egyptian Phosphate Mines

pp. 91-109

Induction of Cyclin D1 by Arsenite and UVB-irradiation in Human Keratinocytes

pp. 110-121

Condom-Use Patterns among Women Who Live in Public Housing Developments in Ponce, Puerto Rico

pp. 122-145

Socio-demographic Psychosocial and Clinical Characteristics of Participants in e-HealthyStrides©: An Interactive ehealth Program to Improve Diabetes Self-Management Skills

pp. 146-164

Establishing the Morehouse School of Medicine (MSM) R-CENTER Clinical and Translational Research Web-Portal: The Role of Focus Groups

pp. 165-173

Intracellular Acidosis and pH Regulation in Central Respiratory Chemoreceptors

pp. 174-186

Racial and Geographic Disparities in Late-Stage Prostate Cancer Diagnosis in Florida

pp. 187-199