restricted access   Volume 45, Number 1, Fall 2011

Table of Contents


Section I: Popular Culture

Electrifying Speeches: Emotional Control and the Technological Aesthetic of the Voice in the Early 20th Century US

pp. 1-19

Auto Thrill Shows and Destruction Derbies, 1922–1965: Establishing the Cultural Logic of the Deliberate Car Crash in America

pp. 20-46

Mustaches and Masculine Codes in Early Twentieth-Century America

pp. 47-60

Censorship in Inter-War Britain: Obscenity, Spectacle, and the Workings of the Liberal State

pp. 61-83

“Habits of Employees”: Smoking, Spies, and Shopfloor Culture at Hammermill Paper Company

pp. 84-107

Co-Winner of the 2010 JSH Student Essay Competition

“Open to the People for Their Free Assembly”: Tompkins Square Park, 1850–1880

pp. 108-124

Section II: Religion and Society

Icons and Private Devotion Among Eighteenth-Century Moscow Townsfolk

pp. 125-147

Rebuilding St. Margaret’s: Parish Involvement and Community Action in Late Medieval Westminster

pp. 148-171

Section III: Regional Issues

Reading the Power of Printed Orality in Afghanistan: Popular Pashto Literature as Historical Evidence and Public Intervention

pp. 172-194

The Scaffold’s Revival: Race and Public Execution in the South

pp. 195-224

Co-Winner of the 2010 JSH Student Essay Competition

From Young People to Young Citizens: The Emergence of a Revolutionary Youth in France, 1788–1790

pp. 225-237

Family Matters: The Emigration of Elderly Jews from Vienna to the United States, 1938–1941

pp. 238-260

Review Essay

Darwinian Evolution and Social History

pp. 261-273


Mom: The Transformation of Motherhood in Modern America (review)

pp. 274-275

Staying Italian: Urban Change and Ethnic Life in Postwar Toronto and Philadelphia (review)

pp. 276-277

Love in Africa (review)

pp. 277-280

Russia’s Factory Children: State, Society, and Law, 1800–1917 (review)

pp. 280-281

Children of Fate: Childhood, Class, and the State in Chile, 1850–1930 (review)

pp. 281-283

Building a Housewife’s Paradise: Gender, Politics, and American Grocery Stores in the Twentieth Century (review)

pp. 283-285

Deliver Us from Evil: The Slavery Question in the Old South (review)

pp. 285-287

The Reaper’s Garden: Death and Power in the World of Atlantic Slavery (review)

pp. 287-289

Policing Public Opinion in the French Revolution: The Culture of Calumny and the Problem of Free Speech (review)

pp. 289-291

Aristocracy and its Enemies in the Age of Revolution (review)

pp. 291-293

Defenders of the Motherland: The Tsarist Elite in Revolutionary Russia (review)

pp. 293-295

Cultures of Plague: Medical Thinking at the End of the Renaissance (review)

pp. 295-297

The Plague Files: Crisis Management in Sixteenth-Century Seville (review)

pp. 297-298

Hysteria Complicated by Ecstasy: The Case of Nanette Leroux (review)

pp. 298-300

Oceans of Wine: Madeira and the Emergence of American Trade and Taste (review)

pp. 300-302

Rock and Roll in the Rocket City: The West, Identity, and Ideology in Soviet Dniepropetrovsk (review)

pp. 302-304

Darts in England, 19001939. A Social History (review)

pp. 304-306

In Hock: Pawning in America from Independence through the Great Depression (review)

pp. 306-308

When the Lights Went Out: A History of Blackouts in America (review)

pp. 308-310

Hooligans, Harlots and Hangmen: Crime and Punishment in Victorian Britain (review)

pp. 310-312

Italian Vices: Nation and Character from the Risorgimento to the Republic (review)

pp. 312-313

Murder in Aubagne: Lynching, Law and Justice during the French Revolution (review)

pp. 314-315

Commerce before Capitalism in Europe, 1300–1600 (review)

pp. 316-318

Peaceable Kingdom Lost: The Paxton Boys and the Destruction of William Penn’s Holy Experiment (review)

pp. 318-320

America’s Army: Making the All-Volunteer Force (review)

pp. 320-321

In My Power: Letter Writing and Communications in Early America (review)

pp. 322-324

Golden Dreams: California in an Age of Abundance, 1950–1963 (review)

pp. 324-326

Hog and Hominy: Soul Food from Africa to America (review)

pp. 326-328