restricted access   Voume 52, Numbers 3-4, Fall/Winter 2011

Table of Contents

The Drift of Fiction: Reconsidering the Eighteenth-Century Novel

Julie Park


Introduction: The Drift of Fiction

pp. 243-248


Female Quixotism and the Novel: Character and Plausibility, Honesty and Fidelity

pp. 249-269

'Lay Aside My Character': The Personate Novel and Beyond

pp. 271-287

Novel Media

Giving Power to the Medium: Recovering the 1750s

pp. 289-302

The Air of Tom Jones; or, What Rose from the Novel

pp. 303-321

Believing the Unreal

Realism and the Unreal in The Female American

pp. 323-342

Reading Mistakes in Heliodorus

pp. 343-360

Reconsidering the Social Real

The Secret History of the Rise of the Novel: The Novel and the Middle Class in English Studies

pp. 361-382

Vicars and Squires: Religion and the Rise of the English Marriage Plot

pp. 383-402

Apart: Lives, Things, and Words

Captain Singleton: An Epic of Mitsein?

pp. 403-421

Disjecta Membra: Smollett and the Novel in Pieces

pp. 423-442

Crusoe's Island of Misfit Things

pp. 443-471

Notes on Contributors

pp. 472-473