restricted access   Volume 27, Number 2, Fall 2011

Table of Contents

Editors' Introduction

Editors' Introduction

pp. 1-2


Feminism, Religion, and the Politics of History

pp. 3-9


Sor Juana's Critique of Theological Arrogance

pp. 11-30

From Testimony to Seximony, from Script to Scripture: Revealing Mormon Women's Sexuality through the Mormon Vagina Monologues

pp. 31-49

Socioeconomic Status in Early Christianity and Thecla's Rejection of Marriage

pp. 51-69

A Jewish Reading of The Woman's Bible

pp. 71-84

Appropriation and Assertion of the Female Self: Materials for the Study of the Female Tantric Master Lakṣmī of Uḍḍiyāna

pp. 85-108

Religion and Politics

A Feminist in the House and Senate: An Interview with Dorothy Jensen Rupert

pp. 109-117

In a Different Voice

The Scar

pp. 119-120

Roundtable: Mothers and Sons

Mothers and Sons: Feminist Parenting and the Conundrums of Raising Males

pp. 121-133

Mothers and Sons: Contesting Privilege?

pp. 133-137

It's Complicated: Thoughts on Nurturing African American Males

pp. 137-140

Despite All Odds: Single Mothering's Empowerment

pp. 140-143

Feminist Mothering of Sons: Ethical Practices for Everyone

pp. 143-147

Raising Sam: Mothering as a Secular Feminist Scholar of Religion

pp. 148-152

Living It Out

What No Longer Serves Us: Resisting Ableism and Anti-Judaism in New Testament Healing Narratives

pp. 153-170

Notes on Contributors

Notes on Contributors

pp. 171-174