restricted access   Volume 4, Number 3, Fall 2011

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From: The Journal of the History of Childhood and Youth

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pp. 357-358

Object Lesson

Salmon, Gulls, and Baboons?: Oh My

pp. 359-367


"Personal Powers of the Child": Object Lessons and Languages of Agency in the Sciences of Childhood

pp. 369-381

"Locke's Children"

pp. 382-402

A Family Science: The Baby Biography in Imperial Germany

pp. 403-418

"Living Machines": Performance and Pedagogy at Robert Owen's Institute for the Formation of Character, New Lanark, 1816-1828

pp. 419-433

Picturing Nature and Childhood at the American Museum of Natural History and the Brooklyn Children's Museum, 1899-1930

pp. 434-469

The Evolution of Childhood

pp. 470-494

Contemporary Children

Children and the Culture of Climate Change

pp. 497-505

Book Reviews

Debutante: Rites and Regalia of American Debdom (review)

pp. 509-511

The Mind of the Child: Child Development in Literature, Science, and Medicine, 1840-1900 (review)

pp. 512-514

The Dead End Kids of St. Louis: Homeless Boys and the People Who Tried to Save Them (review)

pp. 515-517

Teaching Children Science: Hands-On Nature Study in North America, 1890-1930 (review)

pp. 518-520

The Company He Keeps: A History of White College Fraternities, and: The Lost Boys of Zeta Psi: A Historical Archaeology of Masculinity at a University Fraternity (review)

pp. 521-525

Raising Your Kids Right: Children's Literature and American Political Conservatism (review)

pp. 526-528


pp. 529-530