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From: Human Biology

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pp. 901-914


Gabriel Ward Lasker--An Appreciation

pp. iv-xx

Genetic Evidence for the Phylogenetic Relationship between Na-Dene and Yeniseian Speakers

pp. 743-760

High Levels of Y-Chromosome Differentiation among Native Siberian Populations and the Genetic Signature of a Boreal Hunter-Gatherer Way of Life

pp. 761-789

Low Levels of STRP Variability Are Not Universal in American Indians

pp. 791-806

Craniometric Variation in the Americas

pp. 807-818

Genomic Diversities and Affinities among Four Endogamous Groups of Punjab (India) Based on Autosomal and Mitochondrial DNA Polymorphisms

pp. 819-836

Origin and History of the IVS-I-110 and Codon 39 [beta]-Thalassemia Mutations in the Lebanese Population

pp. 837-847

Mode of Inheritance of Hand Osteoarthritis in Ethnically Homogeneous Pedigrees

pp. 849-860

Evidence against a Relationship between Dermatoglyphic Asymmetry and Male Sexual Orientation

pp. 861-870

Interpopulation Relationship by Isonymy: Application to Ethnosocial Groups and Illegitimacy

pp. 871-878

Sex Differential Patterns in Perinatal Deaths in Italy

pp. 879-888

Sex Ratios at Birth in African Populations: A Review of Survey Data

pp. 889-900