restricted access   Volume 35, Number 1, Fall 2002

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From: The Southern Literary Journal

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Editors' Note

p. iii


"The Difference of Race": Antebellum Race Mythology and the Development of Southern Nationalism

pp. 1-13

Redemption Through Violence: White Mobs and Black Citizenship in Albion Tourgee's A Fool's Errand

pp. 14-27

"Honey, Yer Ain't Harf as Smart as Yer Thinks Yer Is!": Race and Humor in Sherwood Bonner's Short Fiction

pp. 28-46

The Emergence of Mark Twain's Missouri: Regional Theory and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

pp. 47-69

Command Performances: Black Storytellers in Stuart's "Blink" and Chesnutt's "The Dumb Witness"

pp. 70-96

Race, Place, and Space: Remaking Whiteness in the Post-Reconstruction South

pp. 97-107

George Washington Cable and Bonaventure : A New Orleans Author's Literary Sojourn into Acadiana

pp. 108-122

Kate Chopin and Anna Julia Cooper: Critiquing Kentucky and the South

pp. 123-137

Reading The Awakening with Toni Morrison

pp. 138-154


Reclaiming the Non-Canonical Nineteenth Century

pp. 155-159

Homeland Security: Writing the American Civil War

pp. 160-163

Poe, Literature, and the Marketplace

pp. 164-166

Staking New Claims for Southwest Humor

pp. 167-170

Riding the Lines of Southern Women's Fiction

pp. 171-174