restricted access   Volume 20, Number 1, Fall/Winter 2011

Table of Contents

Introduction: Higher Education on Its Knees

pp. 3-32

Part 1: The University Gone Global

Part 1 The University Gone Global

p. 33

How Useful Should the University Be?: On the Rise of the Global University and the Crisis in Higher Education

pp. 35-47

Quality and Equality: The Proposed UC Cyber Campus

pp. 49-55

The Living Indebted: Student Militancy and the Financialization of Debt

pp. 57-77

Do Books Have a Place in a Shanghai World?

pp. 79-92

Part 2: Humanities Salvage

Part 2 Humanities Salvage

p. 93

The Futility of the Humanities

pp. 95-107

Why We Need the 16,772nd Book on Shakespeare

pp. 109-116

Once More, with Conviction: Defending Higher Education as a Public Good

pp. 117-135

What Good Is a Liberal Education?

pp. 137-151

The Decay of a Discipline: Reflections on the English Department Today

pp. 153-167

A Viral Lexicon for Future Crises

pp. 169-178

Can We Save What We Have Destroyed?: Transmitting Literature

pp. 179-204

Part 3: History on Regional Grounds

Part 3 History on Regional Grounds

p. 205

From Meditative Learning to Impersonal Pedagogy: Reflections on the Transformation of an Indian Gurukula

pp. 207-218

Contesting the Manufactured Crisis of Public Higher Education at CUNY

pp. 219-232

A University Besieged: Initial Impressions of a Student Strike

pp. 233-239

Student Unrest, University Unrest: The English Gamble with the Future of Higher Education

pp. 241-248

Part 4: A Little Thing Called Resistance

Part 4 A Little Thing Called Resistance

p. 249

Out of Place: Free Speech, Disruption, and Student Protest

pp. 251-269

Creative Subversions: A Politics beyond Representation in the UK

pp. 271-278

Wild Captioning

pp. 279-299



pp. 301-304

Books Received

Books Received

p. 305