restricted access   Volume 68, Number 2, Summer 2011

Table of Contents


pp. 149-153

Sándor Ferenczi, the "Introjective Psychoanalyst"

pp. 155-172

Winnicott's "Anni Horribiles": The Biographical Roots of "Hate in the Counter-Transference"

pp. 173-211

Bion and Mysticism: The Western Tradition

pp. 213-240

Nina Coltart: A Truly Independent Analyst

pp. 241-247

In Nina Coltart's Garden: Gathering and Intertwining Some Thoughts of an Independent Psychoanalyst

pp. 249-265

Specificity Theory: The Evolution of a Process Theory of Psychoanalytic Treatment

pp. 267-285

Imprisoned Minds

pp. 287-295

Solitude in Buddhism and in Psychoanalysis: The Case of the Great Tibetan Yogi Milarepa

pp. 297-319

Data Learns to Dance: Star Trek and the Quest to Be Human

pp. 321-346

Apropos the Arts

Leo Steinberg in Memoria Mea—Fragments

pp. 347-353

Clinician's Corner

Regarding the Other

pp. 355-359

Letter from London

Baseball Caps, Overcoats, Orange Suits, and Neckties: On Patients and Their Clothing

pp. 361-369

Book Reviews

Learning from Life: Becoming a Psychoanalyst (review)

pp. 371-374

Tormenti di anime. Passioni, sintomi, sogni [Souls in torment: Passions, symptoms, dreams] (review)

pp. 375-379

The Intimate Room: Theory and Technique of the Analytic Field (review)

pp. 380-388