restricted access   Volume 31, Number 2, 2011

Table of Contents

Comparing Arab Diasporas

Comparing Arab Diasporas: Post-9/11 and Historical Perspectives on Hadhrami and Syro-Lebanese Communities in Southeast Asia and the Americas

pp. 231-250

Crossing the Americas: The U.S. War on Terror and Arab Cross-Border Mobilizations in a South American Frontier Region

pp. 251-266

Islamic Militancy and Resentment against Hadhramis in Post-Suharto Indonesia: A Case Study of Habib Rizieq Syihab and His Islamic Defenders Front

pp. 267-281

Arab “Amirka”: Exploring Arab Diasporas in Mexico and the United States

pp. 282-295

The Significance of the Rediscovery of Arabs in the Malay World

pp. 296-311

Arab Ethnicity and Diasporic Islam: A Comparative Approach to Processes of Identity Formation and Religious Codification in the Muslim Communities in Brazil

pp. 312-330

Paths of Institutionalization, Varying Divisions, and Contested Radicalisms: Comparing Hadhrami Communities on Java and Sulawesi

pp. 331-342

Selective Accommodation: The Hadhramis in Indonesia during World War II and the Struggle for Independence

pp. 343-354

Translating Colonial Fortunes: Dilemmas of Inheritance in Muslim and English Laws across a Nineteenth-Century Diaspora

pp. 355-371

Diaspora and “Arabness”: Limits and Potentials for Critical Analysis

pp. 372-380

Iranian Diaspora

Introduction: Iranian Diaspora

pp. 381-387

Public Performances of Identity Negotiation in the Iranian Diaspora: The New York Persian Day Parade

pp. 388-410

Autobiography and Authority in the Writings of the Iranian Diaspora

pp. 411-424

Eyewitness Accounts and Political Claims: Transnational Responses to the 2009 Postelection Protests in Iran

pp. 425-442

Transnational Diasporic Identities: Unity and Diversity in Iranian-Focused Organizations in Sweden

pp. 443-454

Law’s Inhumanities: Peripheral Racialization and the Early Development of an Iranian Race

pp. 455-473

A National Filmmaker without a Home: Home and Displacement in the Films of Amir Naderi

pp. 474-486

In Search of Iran: Resistant Melancholia in Iranian American Memoirs of Return

pp. 487-497

The Persian Novel in French: A Hybrid Genre

pp. 498-505


The Mughal Book of War: A Persian Translation of the Sanskrit Mahabharata

pp. 506-520

Cosmopolitanism in Hobson-Jobson: Remaking Imperial Subjects

pp. 521-537

Review Essay

A Road Map for Future Studies: The Language of the Gods in the World of Scholars

pp. 538-544

Book Reviews

The Merchant Houses of Mocha: Trade and Architecture in an Indian Ocean Port (review)

pp. 545-546

Democratic Values in the Muslim World (review)

pp. 547-549



pp. 550-552