restricted access   Volume 1, Number 1, Spring 2011

Table of Contents

Editors' Note

Introducing Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics: A Journal of Qualitative Research

pp. v-viii

Narrative Symposium: Experiences of Psychiatric Hospitalization

Introduction: Experiences of Psychiatric Hospitalization

pp. 1-2

Full Collection of Personal Narratives

Narrative Symposium: Personal Narratives Experiences of Psychiatric Hospitalization

pp. 3-28

Individual Personal Narratives

Dreaming: A Recovery Story

pp. 3-4

The Intervention of the Demon

pp. 4-6

Bent but Not Broken

pp. 6-8

Tortured Souls Do Not Rest

pp. 8-10


pp. 10-12

A Professional Patient No More

pp. 12-13

My Spiritual Journey

pp. 13-15

Personal Account of Psychiatric Hospitalization

pp. 15-17

Psychiatric Hospitalization Story

pp. 17-19

As Ice Is to Water

pp. 20-23

The Power Of Human-To-Human Contact

pp. 23-26


pp. 26-28



Psychiatric Hospitalization—Bridging the Gap Between Respect and Control

pp. 29-34

To Recognize the Person: Learning from Narratives of Psychiatric Treatment

pp. 35-41

Research Article

Perspectives of Adolescents and Young Adults with Cerebral Palsy on the Ethical and Social Challenges Encountered in Healthcare Services

pp. 43-54

Case Study

Accommodating Religious Beliefs in the ICU: A Narrative Account of a Disputed Death

pp. 55-64