restricted access   Issue 72, Autumn 2011

Table of Contents


History's Value?

pp. 1-4

Articles and Essays

'In a Country of Liberty?': Slavery, Villeinage and the Making of Whiteness in the Somerset Case (1772)

pp. 5-29

Fleeing Dictatorship: Socialism, Sexuality and the History of Science in the Life of Aldo Mieli

pp. 30-51

St John Ervine and the Fabian Society: Capital, Empire and Irish Home Rule

pp. 52-73

'Liberating' Asia: Strikes and Protest in Sydney and Shanghai, 1920-39

pp. 74-102

'Searching for the Gleam': Finding Solutions to the Political and Social Problems of 1930s Britain

pp. 103-117

Air Hunger: the 1930 Johannesburg Conference and the Politics of Silicosis

pp. 118-137

'Our Unadmitted Sorrow': the Rhetorics of Civil Rights Photography

pp. 138-155

Feature: Politics, Economy, and Class in Nazi Germany and Italian Fascism: A Reassessment


pp. 157-160

Blacks and Gypsies in Nazi Germany: the Limits of the 'Racial State'

pp. 161-170

The Administration of Gender Identity in Nazi Germany

pp. 171-180

Spring 1943: the Fiat Strikes and the Collapse of the Italian Home Front

pp. 181-189

Beyond 'Consent' or 'Terror': Wartime Crises in Nazi Germany

pp. 190-204

Feature: Modern British History

The State of Modern British History

pp. 205-211

Intellectual Pluralism and the Future of British History

pp. 212-221

The Future Direction of British History: Thinking about Economic Cultures

pp. 222-239

Historic Passion

A Passion for Memory

pp. 241-250

Feature: Coalition Cuts

'A Continuing Supply of History': Thoughts from the Archive

pp. 251-257

The Importance of Studying the Past

pp. 258-267

A Campaign in Defence of Higher Education

pp. 268-270

Medieval History in the UK in 2011: A Health-Check

pp. 271-274


Brazil: Never Again?

pp. 275-282

Champions of the Fair Sex

pp. 282-288

Justice Denied

pp. 289-296

Deep Archives

pp. 297-301

Before the Deluge

pp. 301-310


pp. 310-314

The Environment of Postwar Stalinism

pp. 315-320

Doing the Wife

pp. 320-324

Report Back

Providing Public History: The Launch of the Centre for the Historical Record

pp. 325-328

How to Write the History of Organised Crime

pp. 328-330

Our Memories of the Uprisings: The 1980s Revisited

pp. 330-334


Gilda O'Neill (1951-2010)

pp. 335-337

Olivia Harris 1948-2009

pp. 338-353