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From: Franciscan Studies

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Arnau de Vilanova and the Franciscan Spirituals in Sicily

pp. 3-29

The Moral Psychology of Duns Scotus: Some Preliminary Questions

pp. 31-56

Siger of Brabant, Anti-Theologian

pp. 57-82

The Role of the Basilica of St. Francis in the Creation of Polyphonic Music

pp. 83-120

Ontology in Walter Burley's Last Commentary on the Ars Vetus

pp. 121-176

Ea quae sunt ad finem: Reflections on Virtue as Means to Moral Excellence in Scotist Thought

pp. 177-195

Early Fourteenth-century Franciscans and Divine Absolute Power

pp. 197-233

Further Evidence for the Date of the Pseudo-Bonaventuran Meditationes Vitae Christi

pp. 235-261

The Conflict between Observant and Conventual Reformed Franciscans in Fifteenth-Century France and Flanders

pp. 263-281

Time and Eternity: Ockham's Logical Point of View

pp. 283-307

Dummett on Retrospective Prayer

pp. 309-322


A Provisional Calendar of St. John Capistran's Correspondence

pp. 323-403

Incunabula of The Franciscan Institute and St. Bonaventura University

pp. 405-481

The Franciscan Institute Medal 1990

pp. 483-513

Books Received

p. 514