restricted access   Volume 58, 2000

Table of Contents

Symposium Papers

Reflections on St. Francis at the New Millennium

pp. 1-18

Revisiting the Theater of Virtue

pp. 19-36

Talking about Ourselves: The Shift in Franciscan Writing from Hagiography to History (1235-1247)

pp. 37-75


Duns Scotus's Third "Volitional Posture" and a Critique of the Problem of Moral Indifference in Our Time

pp. 77-109

Recent Study on Peter Olivi

pp. 111-119

A Comparison of the Glossa Ordinaria, Hugh of St. Cher, and St. Bonaventure on Luke 8:26-39

pp. 121-236

Ockham's First Political Treatise?: The Impugnatio constitutionum Papae Iohannis [April/May 1328]

pp. 237-259

Agnes of Prague and the Juridical Implications of the Privilege of Poverty

pp. 261-287

Two Theories of Signification in the Writings of John Duns Scotus

pp. 289-312

Scotus's Cambridge Lecture

pp. 313-326

Books Reviewed

Bartolomeo Barbieri da Castelvetro. Un cappuccino alla scuola di San Bonaventura nell'Emilia del '600 by Andrea Maggioli and Pietro Maranesi (review)

pp. 327-329

Kontingenz und Wissen. Die Lehre von den futura contingentia bei Johannes Duns Scotus by Joachim Roland Söder (review)

pp. 330-332

Klara von Assisi. Schattenfrau und Lichtgestalt by Martina Kreidler-Kos (review)

pp. 332-336