restricted access   Volume 52, 1992

Table of Contents


The Canticle of Brother Sun: A Song of Christ Mysticism

pp. 1-22

Geraldus Odonis: On the Univocity of the Concept of Being

pp. 23-51

Nicholas of Lyra: Apocalypse Commentator, Historian, and Critic

pp. 53-84

The Program of Giotto's Saint Francis Cycle at Santa Croce in Florence

pp. 85-133

Duns Scotus, Juan de Segovia, and Their Common Devil

pp. 135-154

Averroes and the Plurality of Forms

pp. 155-182

The Humanist and the Franciscan: A Letter of Giovanni Conversino da Ravenna to Peter Philargus of Candia

pp. 183-189

The Stabat Mater in Middle French Verse: An Edition of Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale, fr 24865

pp. 191-201

Johannes Pauli and the Strasbourg Dancers

pp. 203-214

Si Deus est Deus, Deus est: Reflections on St. Bonaventure's Interpretation of St. Anselm's Ontological Argument

pp. 215-231

Who Are the Truly Poor?: St. Francis, Leonardo Boff, and Katzanzakis

pp. 233-245

Richard Rufus of Cornwall and Aristotle's Physics

pp. 247-281


A Provisional Calendar of St. John Capistran's Correspondence: Part III: The Crusade Against the Turks: May 18, 1455-December 10, 1456

pp. 283-327

Book Review

William of Ockham and the Divine Freedom by H. Klocker, S.J. (review)

pp. 329-333