restricted access   Volume 15, Number 1, Spring 2003

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From: American Literary History

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Special Issue: A Cambridge Literary History of the US Forum

Notes on Contributors

pp. 211-212


Problems in the Writing of American Literary History: The Examples of Poetry and Ethnicity

pp. 1-3


Two Histories Contending

pp. 4-6

Literary History and the Evaluation of Poetry

pp. 7-13

The Claims of Rhetoric: Toward a Historical Poetics (1820-1900)

pp. 14-21

Historical Impasse and the Modern Lyric Poem

pp. 22-26

Tests of Poetry

pp. 27-34


In the Lion's Mouth

pp. 35-38

Becoming Multicultural

pp. 39-60

Representing Emergent Literatures

pp. 61-69

Ethnic Modernism, 1910-1950

pp. 70-77

"At Long Last Love"; or, Literary History in the Key of Difference

pp. 78-86

Los Filibusteros: Cuban Writers in the United States and Deterritorialized Print Culture

pp. 87-106

Nationalizing the Gay Body: AIDS and Sentimental Pedagogy in Philadelphia

pp. 107-133

Divine Secrets of the Cultural Studies Sisterhood: Women Reading Rebecca Wells

pp. 134-161

Apathy, Apocalypse, and the American Jeremiad

pp. 162-171

Morality and Citizenship in the Early Republic

pp. 172-187

Faulkner and "Faulkner"

pp. 188-199

Performing Race

pp. 200-210