restricted access   Volume 4, Number 3, Summer 2011

Table of Contents


pp. vi-vii

From the Editor

pp. viii-x

Homeland Insecurities: Racial Violence the Day after September 11

pp. 337-350

Reflections of a Brooklyn-based Arab American Activist

pp. 351-359

The Day Our Probation Ended

pp. 361-371

Welcome Mat and Spiked Gate: Two Stories of Immigrants in the United States

pp. 373-379

“Generation Islam”: Arab American Muslims and Racial Politics after September 11

pp. 381-397

“Just Don’t Act Muslim:” Reflections from a Queens-based Community Organizer

pp. 399-403

Fear, Rhetoric, and the “Other”

pp. 405-418

Multiplicities of Violence: Responses to September 11 from South Asian Women’s Organizations

pp. 419-436

The Accidental Activist

pp. 437-439

The Best of Times and Worst of Times . . . in South Asian America

pp. 441-447

Reflections on the Occasion of the Tenth Anniversary of September 11

pp. 449-454

Our Movement Is for the Long Haul: Ten Years of DRUM’s Community Organizing by Working-Class South Asian Migrants

pp. 455-467

Emerging from the Shadow of September 11

pp. 469-473

Fact Sheet on the September 11 Moment: Selected Comparisons

pp. 475-483


List of Contributors

pp. 485-488