restricted access   Volume 26, Number 2, October 2002

Table of Contents

From: Philosophy and Literature

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Love Against Revenge in Shelley's Prometheus

pp. 239-259

Tragic Conflict and Greatness of Character

pp. 260-272

Billy Budd : Melville's Dilemma

pp. 273-295

Byron as Cad

pp. 296-311

Consilient Literary Interpretation

pp. 312-333

Symposium: Davidson and Literary Understanding

Philosophy After Joyce: Derrida and Davidson

pp. 334-345

Stevens After Davidson on Metaphor

pp. 346-353

Davidson, Self-Knowledge, and Autobiographical Writing

pp. 354-368


Worlds or Words Apart? The Consequences of Pragmatism for Literary Studies: An Interview with Richard Rorty

pp. 369-396

Notes and Fragments

The Sexist Sublime in Sade and Lyotard

pp. 397-404

Nihilism in Seamus Heaney

pp. 405-414

Critical Discussions

The Humanities in Love with Themselves

pp. 415-431

The Legacy of the Enlightenment

pp. 432-442

Romanticism's Gray Matter

pp. 443-455


Quarrel and Quandary (review)

pp. 456-458

The Heart of What Matters: The Role for Literature in Moral Philosophy (review)

pp. 459-461

The Phantom Table: Woolf, Fry, Russell and the Epistemology of Modernism (review)

pp. 462-464

Cogito Ergo Sum: The Life of Rene Descartes (review)

pp. 465-468