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Do doctors sometimes know best after all?

Field Notes

Field Notes

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From the Editor

Laughter in the Best Medicine

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Another Voice

Patient Autonomy and the Twenty-First Century Physician

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Growth Attenuation: Health Outcomes and Social Services

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To the Editor:

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To the Editor:

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To the Editor:

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To the Editor:

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Benjamin S. Wilfond replies

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In Practice

Other People’s Stories

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At Law

The FDA, Preemption, and Public Safety

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Policy & Politics

Prohibiting Anonymous Sperm Donation and the Child Welfare Error

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All That Glitters Isn’t Gold

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Questioning the Universality of Medical Ethics: Dilemmas Raised Performing Surgery around the Globe

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No More Larking Around! Why We Need Male LARCs

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What Health Care Providers Know: A Taxonomy of Clinical Disagreements

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Gallows Humor in Medicine

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Book Review

The Varieties of Consent

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Children and Genetic Identification of Talent

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