restricted access   Volume 5, Number 1, Spring 2011

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From: The Global South

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Special Issue: The Global South and World Dis/Order

Guest Editors: Caroline Levander and Walter Mignolo

Introduction: The Global South and World Dis/Order

pp. 1-11

The Indianization of Globalization

pp. 12-13

Haiti’s Need for a Great South

pp. 14-36

Does Europe Have a South?: An Essay on Borders

pp. 37-50

Southeastern Europe and the Question of Knowledge, Capital, and Power

pp. 51-65

The South of the Poor North: Caucasus Subjectivity and the Complex of Secondary “Australism”

pp. 66-84

Empire’s Afterlife: The “South” of Japan and “Asian” Heroes in Popular Culture

pp. 85-100

Placebo Intellectuals in the Wake of Cosmopolitanism: A “Pharmacological” Approach to Roberto Bolaño’s novel 2666

pp. 101-119

Conjectures on “Americanity” and Junot Díaz’s “Fukú Americanus” in The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao

pp. 120-136

Central American-Americanness, Latino/a Studies, and the Global South

pp. 137-152

The Other Network: The Havana Biennale and the Global South

pp. 153-174

A Revolution Nonetheless: The Global South in International Relations

pp. 175-190



pp. 191-195